About Us


Pinnacle Music Press was started by two musical brothers, Steven Blutman and Michael Blutman. Both are professional musicians and teachers in the New York City metropolitan area.


Author biographies are found on the individual websites for each product, which can be accessed through www.pinmusicpress.com.


Bulk discounts are available for all of Pinnacle's products. Please contact Steven and Michael at PinMusicPress@gmail.com with any bulk orders.



Steven and Michael co-authored Pinnacle's first series, "Festival Sight Reading," which is primarily based on the curriculum for New York's solo festival. Festival Sight Reading is the most comprehensive book of its kind available; the Complete Edition of the melodic books are over 300 pages each and contain approximately 800 examples! Festival Sight Reading is a great tool for individual study, private lessons, and like-instrument group lessons.


Part of the Festival Sight Reading Series is the Rhythm Builders book, which contains only rhythmic examples. This 75-page book is intended for ensemble use and is currently being utilized by band and orchestra directors in several states. Creative band and orchestra directors are using these 8-measure examples in many ways: unison pitches, balancing chords, going up or down a scale by measure, etc.


The Prerequisites is a series of physical exercises that train beginning wind instrumentalists the basics of tone production, breath control, and musicality, such that upon completing this course, they will be able to confidently contribute to the school's band program.  It is co-authored by Frank Bonasera and Gary Henderson.


Also co-authored by Gary Henderson is Foundations, Pinnacle's most recent release. Co-authored with fellow Long Island band director Joey Devassy, Foundations is a collection of 120 progressive chorales, warm-ups, and targeted exercises for concert bands in their first several years performing together. This book has been used as it was being developed with great success by several elementary and middle school band directors on Long Island. 


Thank you for your interest in Pinnacle Music Press and our products.


- Steven Blutman and Michael Blutman